The World's Best Tech Company

05/07/2004 12:00 am EST


Dan Kurz

Editor, DK Equities

George Gilder has been a visionary in the tech arena. Since the late 1980s, he predicted "a new worldwide web"a colossal computer network that would allow "teleputers" to interact with huge databases. Here, he discusses the "world's best tech company."

His Gilder Technology Report maintains a list of ‘Telecosm Technology" companies, which represents technology firms that lead in their respective applications. He notes, "Qualcomm (QCOM NASDAQ) was the first and core holding chosen for our wireless list. Playing the paradigm on multiple levels, it is our choice as the best technology company in the world. It is the number one fabless semiconductor company in revenues and profits during an era of ascendancy for fabless designers supplying specialized foundries. It is overwhelmingly the leading wireless player during an era when wireless is becoming the dominant mode of Internet access.

"It is the champion manager of intellectual property at a time when share value is increasing based on intellectual property. It is the most effective broadband player in America at a time when broadband is gaining momentum among customers (I expect about half of DSL and WiFi customers, and a good many cable modem subscribers as well, eventually to switch to EvDO for most of their Internet access.) It is the worldwide leader in 3G and is expanding its technology portfolio through GSM and CDMA. With some 20 million current customers, it is the most successful US company in the ascendant domains of China and it now has ten million subscribers in India. It is pervasive in Latin America and gaining in Russia.

"Qualcomm will be the pivotal player in the new world of ubiquitous still and motion photography to be unleashed in coming months. It is a leading software vendor with its robust BREW platform for wireless applets and with its pioneering Eudora e-mail program. It is a leading satellite player with OmniTRACS. It has an ever more resourceful portfolio of new technologies, such as software radio and Qchat. And it dominates location-based services using GPS and complementary technologies. What more could anyone want?"

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