Triple Play from Marketocracy

06/27/2003 12:00 am EST


Ken Kam

CEO, Marketocracy, Inc.

Marketocracy is an online system in which some 60,000 investors operate virtual mutual funds. In a new feature, the company has introduced 'Stock Alert'--a feature that highlights those stocks that are under increasing accumulation by the best-performing investors while the balance of investors are selling. The service notes, " This indicates that the best investors see fundamentals the rest of the market has yet to identify. Here's three recent 'strong buys' found by this intriguing system.

"Metro One Telecommunications (MTON NASDAQ) is a developer and provider of Enhanced Directory Assistance and information services for the telecommunications industry. The company primarily contracts with US wireless carriers to provide its services to their subscribers and contracts to landline competitive local exchange carriers. The stock jumped to the top of our list when the best investors dramatically increased their holdings by 83% becoming one of the top 6% of all positions in their portfolio. The rest followed the Wall Street analyst consensus 'sell' rating by continuing to sell down their holdings by another 5%.

"JetBlue Airways (JBLU NASDAQ) is a low-fare, low-cost passenger airline that provides service primarily on point-to-point routes. Its primary base of operations is at New York's JFK Airport. The Company offers a differentiated product, including new aircraft, low fares, leather-seats, free LiveTV at every seat, and pre-assigned seating. After months of cautiously growing their position in JBLU, the best investors decided to make the jump and increased their holdings by 27% bringing it into the top 8% of their holdings. The rest of investors showed less confidence selling down their position by 6%.

"Valassis Communications (VCI NYSE) is a print media company in the field of sales promotion, generating most of its revenues by printing and publishing coupons and other consumer purchase incentives primarily for package goods manufacturers. Additionally offers connective media solutions with mass, cluster-targeted, and one-to-one reach. The 'best investors' broke from their holding pattern and pumped up their position in VCI by 87%. Now VCI has penetrated the top 10% of holdings. The rest have been going in and out of VCI, probably following consensus analyst opinion to 'hold' but recently decided to drop 7% of their holdings in VCI."

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