Collaborations for Nanophase

07/09/2004 12:00 am EST


Fred Hager


"What do IBM, Xerox, 3M, Eastman Kodak, and PPG all have in common?" ask technology experts Fred Hager and  Rick Currin. "Each, in either an issued or pending patent application, references using nanomaterials supplied by Nanophase."

"Nanophase (NANX NASDAQ), emerging engineered materials company, is a small operation without end product expertise. As such, a key need of Nanophase is collaboration with companies that are closer to the application end of nanomaterials.  The company is starting to combine their capacity to produce nanomaterials in large commercial scale with the companies that can deliver the application benefits further down the product value chain to ‘end-use’ industrial and consumer products.  It is relationships with leaders in the function of bridging engineered materials to application development that is important for the company.

"The breadth of inventions associated with nanomaterials supplied from is growing wider.  Our latest patent office check reveals dental compositions (Kerr Dental), photo resist (Eastman Kodak), chemical mechanical polishing composition (IBM), glass with diverse novel properties (PPG), cosmetics with improved properties (L’Oreal), and methods of making organic electroluminescent devices or OLED’s (3M) all reference enablement using Nanophase’s materials. While certain the nanomaterials referenced are available from multiple sources, the repeated reference to Nanophase is encouraging to see from so many major product development players.  

"As researchers and product development specialists move from planning and development stages to production we expect the leadership position Nanophase has acquired in the large scale production capability of nanomaterials to be a huge benefit. The scale and quality of the nanomaterials produced by Nanophase puts this company in the position of being the likely nanomaterial provider for many commercial products resulting from the patented and patent pending nanomaterial enabled inventions.  For a company the size of Nanophase, it’s a pretty impressive list of potential customers already sampling your wares to satisfy their nanomaterial needs.

"Nanophase also recently announced a collaboration with Huber Engineered Materials for ‘nanomaterial solutions’ associated with Huber ingredients. Huber operates in product markets as diverse as cosmetics, dental care, pharmaceutical, specialty coatings, inks, and more.  The first project has a product development completion date this year and other product development projects are already planned. This is exactly the type of application development alliance Nanophase needs to partner with in order to exploit their nanomaterials. With their ability to produce in large scale in these collaborations, the company is on the right track to securing a strong marketplace position in the emerging nanomaterials market."

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