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10/31/2003 12:00 am EST


Welcome to our special report following the 25th Annual San Francisco Money Show. With so many exceptional speakers at this event, we decided to present this special report in two parts, beginning with this week's issue of The Money Show Digest, and continuing next week. Here's an overview of what to expect.

As a contrarian by nature, and given the sharp gains in the market this year, I was personally concerned that The San Francisco Money Show would unveil a speculative fervor among investors. That was not the case. There is no question that investors at the show were more upbeat than they have been in quite a while. Yes, the talk at the workshops was more optimistic, hopes were higher, and investor concerns have shifted from fear to future opportunity. But while the mood among the thousands in attendance was optimistic there was little sign of greed or overexuberance.

Investors appear to have taken the lesson of the tech bubble to heart. In place of growth at any cost, investors and advisors alike were focused on growth at a reasonable price. Most of those I spoke as I walked through the exhibit halls and attended workships and seminars, were less concerned with the latest "hot tip" and more focused on topics such as diversification, portfolio balance, and risk management. Those at the Money Show that I had the opportunity to speak with were clearly there to become better investors - to educate themselves and to take more responsibility for their own long term success. Certainly, there was discussion concerning exciting speculations, and many are featured in this special report. However, as this special report will reflect, the Money Show represented a solid balance among speculative and conservative investing, growth and value, small and large cap, and domestic and global situations.

Next week's issue will feature the market outlooks from Louis Navellier and Jim Stack, the case for gold from Bernie Schaeffer, the top fund picks from Janet Brown, the best plays in water utilities from Roger Conrad, some surprising revelations from Kenneth Fisher, words of caution from Martin Weiss, the best value stocks from John Buckingham, the top growth picks from S&P's Stephen Biggar, the best bargains from Mark Skousen, and much more.

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