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11/07/2003 12:00 am EST


Steven Halpern

Editor, thestockadvisors.com

This special report from San Francisco is extremely long, but we firmly believe it is in your interest to devote the time that is necessary to fully understand the investment ideas expressed in these pages. Despite my experience with editing financial reports for over two decades, I had an extremely difficult time trying to shorten these articles. The information was just too important. Some of the items in this issue, such as a cautious assessment from Martin Weiss, an overview of combining risk management with today's bullish outlook from Jim Stack, and a summary of the election cycle by Louis Navellier are well worth the time for each investor to read, understand, and incorporate in their investment decisions.

Bernie Schaeffer makes a case for gold that is extremely compelling, and helps puts many complex technical and sentiment based factors into a clear and understandable summary. Kenneth Fisher, a leader in behavioral finance--a relatively new academic discipline that combines psychology and investment theory--explains a variety of market myths and misunderstandings. And as is our goal in every issue of the Digest, we include a wide range of intriguing specific stock ideas from such financial luminaries as Frank Cappiello, Barbara Marcin, John Dessauer, Roger Conrad, John Buckingham, and many more.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we hope that you continue to be a long-term reader of The Money Show Digest. This ongoing free weekly service is designed to help educate our valued Money Show attendees by bringing you the ongoing opinions and updated advice from the exceptional speakers that comprise our Money Show events. With The San Francisco Money Show, we complete our 25th year of operations. Next year begins the most exciting yet, as we introduce the first World Money Show, February 2-5, in Orlando, Florida. We would also remind readers that as we approach year-end, we will feature our annual "Top Picks" report in which we will ask the leading advisors to select a single favorite stock for 2004.

Finally, as always, we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. Let me know what you like--and dislike--about the Digest. Our goal is to make this the best possible product available for you. And we can only do that with your help and suggestions. We also ask you to share the Digest with friends, family, and business associates. If you find it valuable for yourself, it may also prove helpful for them. If you have a client list that could benefit from the Digest, please contact us to make arrangements for a free co-branded version that will allow you to reach your customers each week while providing them with the very best from the top advisors in the financial community.

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