By George! Healthy Income

11/22/2002 12:00 am EST


Neil George

Editor-in-Chief, Income Publication and Products, Agora Financial

In addition to being a contributing editor to Personal Finance, Neil George publishes the By George! online newsletter and the Total Return Advisory. The editor has a no-nonsense, hard-hitting editorial approach and searches worldwide to find investment value for growth and income investors. He recently recommended two healthcare REITs.

“While hospital managers and healthcare insurers as well as Medicaid- and Medicare-dependent companies are in for even tougher times, the guys who own the more lucrative and solid private physicians' offices are very profitable. Insurer-friendly outpatient service centers are still the only place to be in the segment.

Healthcare Realty (HR NYSE) and Healthcare Properties (HCP NYSE) have continued to be good performers. The REITs have a long history of owning the right stuff, come what may in the industry. And they keep their  shareholders in the black while their peers have seen red from time to time. And with nice yields of over 7%, they should continue to attract investors who don't want to hear any more promises of economic recovery or growth, but who'd rather just have plain old cash on the table quarter after quarter, every quarter.

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