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Join Neil George LIVE at The MoneyShow Orlando!

International Opportunities

11/24/2006 12:00 am EST


Neil George

Editor, Profitable Investing

Never in one place for too long, Neil George scouts the globe for a wide range of investment opportunities. In his latest communication to subscribers, he recommends three international equities in the natural resources, energy, and transportation sectors.

"Buy APEX Silver (SIL ASE). Last week, we wrote about the improving silver prices and a new deal by the Bolivian government not to move on nationalizing mining operations in the country. All that should continue to benefit our stock.

"Meanwhile, silver keeps trading higher, now in the 13 level in the current contract for the metal, which remains positive for our play on the ongoing market and political developments in Bolivia. We're currently in the 17 range and should see some further > upside. Adding to the positive outlook near term is the overhang amount of short interest in the stock, which will have to be covered sooner rather than later. We're sticking with APEX Silver and looking for another top in the stock for an exit point.

"Buy Glow Energy (GLOW/F Thailand, GWEFF OTC). The company is a power generator and supplier to the nation's power grid. Its cash flows are a lock, with solid contracted demand now and rising demand with further economic expansion. The company is not only a solid business, but its shares are showing up in more open- and closed-end mutual funds as managers come across it. We have a positive near-term outlook for the share price, even if we have to own it for a little while longer. And the dividend flows are heavy, giving us a more than 9% yield in a currency that's continued to rebound and appreciate against the US dollar. Buy Glow Energy either in the local market or the US over-the-counter market.

"Buy Thoresen Thai (TTA/F Thailand, THAFF OTC). Part of the transportation network of Thailand, Thoresen Thai is a shipping, logistics, and intermodal transportation company. With local demand for raw and finished goods, as well as energy and raw materials coming in and finished goods going out and around the nation, Thoresen Thai is right in the prime of Thailand's economy. Revenues are soaring, the company is expanding as quickly as possible to keep up with demand, and it's paying shareholders a dividend rate near 8%. Funds are buying. It's not an income play. However, it never hurts to get cash flows while we hold it. Buy Thoresen Thai in the local market or in the US over-the-counter market."

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