Racine, WI – [Date] – Local Media Wire, a leading press release distribution platform, is excited to announce its new partnership with Racine County Eye, the premier news source for the Racine County community. Together, these two influential entities are set to revolutionize the way local businesses share their news and connect with their target audience.

In this strategic collaboration, Racine County Eye will white label the Local Media Wire platform, providing local businesses in Racine County with an affordable solution to publish their press releases on racinecountyeye.com. This partnership aims to empower entrepreneurs and organizations by offering them a cost-effective avenue for promoting their latest developments while reaching a wider audience.

With its extensive readership and reputation as a trusted news outlet in the region, Racine County Eye has been instrumental in keeping residents informed about local events, business updates, and community initiatives. By integrating Local Media Wire's cutting-edge technology into its platform, they will now be able to offer an enhanced service that caters specifically to local businesses' needs.

Through this collaboration with Local Media Wire's white label solution, Racine County Eye can provide local entrepreneurs access to an array of distribution options beyond racinecountyeye.com. This includes syndication across various media outlets both locally and nationally. With just one click of a button on the revamped racinecountyeye.com website or through direct submission via www.localmediawire.com/racinecountyeye/, businesses can now effortlessly share their press releases across multiple channels without breaking the bank.

"Local Media Wire is thrilled about our partnership with Racine County Eye," said Mitch Naumann, Managing Partner of Local Media Wire. "We recognize that small businesses often face financial constraints when it comes to promoting themselves effectively. Through our collaboration with Racine County Eye's extensive network, we aim to level the playing field and provide these businesses with an affordable yet powerful platform to amplify their message."

Denise Lockwood, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Racine County Eye, expressed her excitement about the partnership as well. "Our mission has always been to support local businesses and foster a sense of community. By teaming up with Local Media Wire, we can offer entrepreneurs in Racine County an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their news and achievements on a broader scale. We are committed to helping them thrive by providing them with an affordable solution that delivers tangible results."

To celebrate this exciting partnership, Local Media Wire and Racine County Eye will be offering special promotional packages exclusively for local businesses in Racine County. These packages will include discounted rates for press release distribution through racinecountyeye.com as well as additional distribution options through Local Media Wire's extensive network.

For more information about this partnership or to take advantage of the limited-time promotional offers, please visit www.localmediawire.com/racinecountyeye/.

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Local Media Wire is a leading press release distribution platform that empowers businesses of all sizes by connecting them with journalists, media outlets, and online communities worldwide. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive distribution options, Local Media Wire helps organizations effectively share their news while maximizing their reach.

About Racine County Eye

Racine County Eye is a trusted news source dedicated to providing timely updates on local events, business developments, community initiatives, and more. Serving the residents of Racine County since [Year], it has become an essential resource for staying informed about what matters most in the community.


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