One Hour to Better Option Trading

03/15/2011 5:01 am EST


A pair of option experts review what's working now in the option world, showing real spread trade examples to help traders profit in these or any market conditions.

By Andrew Hart and Moby Waller

Option trading can be as simple or as complicated as the trader would like to make it. In this video, Moby Waller and Andrew Hart of will bring you up to speed quickly on the latest "best practices" for option trading.

You'll learn what every option trader needs to know about trading debit spreads and credit spreads. You'll also learn why certain types of options are more risky than others and how you can tell the difference between the two.

Finally, Andrew and Moby use examples of real spread trades on ETFs to show how traders can profit in a variety of market conditions using basic option strategies.

Watch the video below:

Options Strategies Beyond the Basics from BigTrends on Vimeo.

By Andrew Hart and Moby Waller of

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