Gary Alexander: Frankly Speaking....

01/02/2004 12:00 am EST


Gary Alexander

Senior Writer, Navellier & Associates

Gary Alexander's SmartMoney Investor Digest has only been published since mid-year. Yet he is no stranger to the industry, having worked for over two decades with such advisors as Richard Band, John Dessauer, and Louis Navellier. And his 2004 pick evokes the memory of another industry great--the late Al Frank.

"The Prudent Speculator is the top performing financial newsletter over the past 15+ years. If you are a smaller investor and cannot afford to buy and sell stocks according to their formula (the portfolio is widely diversified and requires the purchase of many individual stocks), you have an excellent option. In 1998, editor John Buckingham launched the Al Frank Fund (VALUX ), which tracks the stocks in the Prudent Speculator's model portfolio."

"It's performance, year-to-date 2003, is a market beating +25%. It also beat the S&P in all past performance time periods--1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, plus the last bull market and last bear market. In the last full bull market year (1999), it was up 60.42%, and it was also positive in the subsequent first two bear market years, with a gain of 7.13% in 2000 and 29.74% in 2001 before going down 26% in 2002. (Everyone's entitled to one bad year!)  Amazingly, the Al Frank Fund is only rated two stars by Morningstar--despite beating the S&P in all conceivable time spans. This penalty comes from its admittedly 'high risk' nature. Still, this would be your one best investment to emulate the market's best stock picker over the last 15+ years."

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