Top Picks for 2003 - Part I

01/03/2003 12:00 am EST


Welcome to our First Annual Top Picks Report. To compile this special feature, we asked our Money Show Digest contributors to select a single favorite stock, fund, or other investment opportunity for the year ahead. Their responses will appear in both this issue and the next.

There are several factors that readers should keep in mind when reading this report. First, the advisors that are included in this report are strictly those who focus on long-term investing.  Many of our favorite Money Show Digest contributors are not included simply because their expertise is more focused on shorter-term investing. To create this special report, we asked for selections that would be top performers over the course of the full year 2003. 

There were no limitations on the types of investments that an advisor could select for this report. An advisor's top pick could be a stock, a fund, or other investment alternative. The responses did indeed run the gamut from higher risk, high tech issues to conservative, income selections. There are domestic selections and global picks. Some are out of favor; others are momentum-based choices. The top choices include energy, retail, health care, credit and lending firms, gold, homebuilders and home products, beverages, and technology. The fund selections cover markets from domestic small caps to China. Indeed, among the responses, there are choices suitable for all types of investors.

Also, be aware that in today's rapidly changing marketplace, a year is a relatively long time and it is possible that the fundamentals regarding a particular stock may change over the course of time. We will try to keep our readers informed about major developments concerning these stocks; in addition, we plan to conduct a mid-year update on the stocks recommended in this feature.

Our Money Show Digest contributors are among the world's leading advisors, and investors will be well served by remaining aware of their market outlooks and ongoing recommendations. We hope this special report provides you with a valuable shopping list of investment candidates for your 2003 portfolio.

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