Top Picks for 2003 - Part II

01/10/2003 12:00 am EST


In this issue of The Money Show Digest, we continue our First Annual Top Picks Report, in which we have asked all contributing advisors to select their single favorite stock, fund, or other investment opportunity for 2003. (To return to Part I of this special report, click here.) Meanwhile, here is Part II of the Top Picks report.

We are very excited about the prospects for The Money Show Digest as we head into 2003.  Looking back on our first half-year of publishing, we must offer kudos to the advisors who have been featured in these reports.  Without sounding too self-serving, we'd note that our advisors have shown an uncanny record of keeping our  readers on the right track. 

Last August, the general consensus was cautious, and many of their opinions led to conservative selections during the market's mid-year decline.  In September, we saw a preponderance of recommendations for gold, and as such, featured a special report devoted exclusively to gold selections.  The metal has since been the top performing asset class.  Our advisors were right on the mark.

In early October, when the overall market was testing its year-earlier lows and investor pessimism was at a peak, our advisors turned decidedly bullish.  Indeed, there was such a noted shift to optimism that we sent out a press release noting the major shift toward bullishness among the advisors that we cover in the Digest . That optimistic turn has so far marked the interim bottom in the overall market. 

At the same time, we noted that the consensus among our advisors was for the market's historical seasonal patterns to lead to strong fourth quarter performance for the general market.  In particular, our advisors anticipated a rebound in technology, which has proven to be a very timely call.

In early November, we noted that the general consensus among our advisors was their expectation for an increased focus on dividends, and the "talk" at The New York Money Show was the anticipation of upcoming dividend reform, and its potential impact on the markets.  This forecast has since become front page economic news.  Our look at seasonal indicators in late November called for weakness in early December followed by strength into January.  So far, that forecast has been highly accurate.

The general consensus among our advisors has since remained bullish. And while there is always a divergence of opinion on the future of the market, we will try to keep you informed of any change in the general sentiment among our leading advisors in order to keep you positioned on the right side of the market's overall trends through the coming year.  We will continue to feature the most cogent and well-thought-out bullish and bearish arguments, as well as the top stock and fund recommendations, made by The Money Show's leading investment advisors. 

This year, the Money Show celebrates its 25th anniversary of bringing the nation's leading advisors directly to you.  We look forward to seeing you at The Money Show events throughout the year, as well as through this newsletter, each and every Friday. We wish you the very best for 2003, in both your personal endeavors and your investment program.

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