Apple Inc Stock & the iPhone 8


If Apple’s forecasts are correct, the actual sales figures will boost the company’s share price dramatically. With Apple expected to produce massive quantities of iPhones in 2017-1818, the company could be preparing for a huge round of sales, writes Shiran Herzberg of eToro.

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(Sponsor content) Apple stock was trading at $158.89 per share at 3 pm on September 8. As the world’s most valuable company, Apple Inc (AAPL) has an approximate market cap of $820.786 billion with a price/earnings ratio of 18.04 and an $8.81earnings per share.

The stock has a dividend of $2.52 and a yield of 1.56%. The 1-year target estimate price of Apple stock is $171.41 per share, with a 52-week low of $102.53, and a 52-week high of $164.94. For the year-to-date, Apple has appreciated sharply, despite rather lackluster performance leading up to its iPhone 8 release. On 3 January 2017, Apple was trading at $116.15 per share, and it has appreciated $42 since then. This represents a year-to-date performance of approximately 36%.

Recent earnings reports with Apple provide plenty of optimism.