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10/08/2004 12:00 am EST


Welcome to Part One of our special Highlights report from The San Francisco Money Show. With a focus on technology, this was one of the most exciting shows I can recall, and our special reports offer a wealth of exciting opportunities. Here's an overview of the conference. (To view Part 2, please click here.)

The one thing that continually impresses me at the Money Shows is the overwhelming scope and diversity of opinions. With the election approaching, it is not surprising that investors throughout the conference halls were often heard debating politics and the investment implications of the election. And unfortunately, with continued troubles in Iraq, the threat of terrorism, and record high oil prices-- the costs of war weighed heavy on investors' minds. But perhaps in homage to nearby Silicon Valley, a surprising theme I heard throughout the various panels and workshops in San Francisco was that despite these concerns, the long-term march of technology continues. WiMax, WiFi, 3G, CDMA, RFID, LCD, DSL, HDTV, VoIP! Indeed, convergence and integration appeared to be the watchwords of the day.

"The future of technology is phenomenal," says Garrett Van Wagoner. In this issue, we look at his favorite plays in high-speed communications. "I believe that technologies are continuing to prevail and that a lot of the projections that were made before the crash will be fulfilled over the next several years," says visionary George Gilder, who looks at the future of "teleputing". In next week's issue, Walter Price looks at the best communications bets and Mike Murphy offers his top picks to play the next wave of technology. Perhaps the outlook for technology is best summed up by Murphy when he notes, "Tech stocks go up, tech stocks go down. But technology only goes forward,"

And technological advances are not limited to communications. Toby Smith looks at the hottest emerging trends from Voice over Internet Protocol to e-healthcare. John McCamant provides an overview of the best opportunities in biotech. In Part Two of this report, Josh Wolfe will looks at the best opportunities in nanotechnology.

"At the opposite end of the spectrum, many advisors chose to focus on decidedly low-low plays. John Buckingham discusses his favorite homebuilders. Ken Kam looks at his favorite energy plays. And Neil George looks at the need to rebuild our nation's infrastructure, from rails and roads to refineries, while Roger Conrad looks at the outlook for utilities. Also in next week's issue, Richard Band and Jim Stack look at their favorite contrarian ideas, while Frank Holmes discusses the prospects for natural resources.

For more diversification, Janet Brown looks at the best performing funds and Price Headley highlights the best-positioned ETFs. And the esoteric, "out of the box" thinker, John Mauldin, discusses the "zero bound dilemma" which asks what the Fed would do in if interest rates went to zero. Stephen Biggar and the analysts at S&P discuss their favorite 10 stocks. Jim Oberweis and Jim Collins each select their top small cap plays and Donald Rowe offers several strategies to outperform the market. Jack Albin, a leading expert on asset allocation, explains how to analyze various asset classes to make sure you are invested in the right sectors.

Also in next week's conclusion of our Highlights report, The Al Frank Fund's Jessica Chiaverini looks at the best value and growth plays, while Louis Navellier offers his favorite momentum plays based on quantitative analysis. And Donald Straszheim looks at the greatest opportunities in China. And to cap off next week's report, Joe Battipaglia, Bob Stovall, and Ned Riley meet for a "Wall Street Power Lunch" to give you their best ideas.

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