Trading Lesson: Price & Time Vibrations before a News Event Happens


Jeff Greenblatt Image Jeff Greenblatt Director, Lucas Wave International, LLC

The best a trader should hope for is learn an advanced strategy which will enable him/her to be lucky because they are very good. Who could have predicted Thursday’s news to the point they could profit from it?

This setup is somewhat advanced even for the person who understands Fibonacci work. The reason is the real drop comes in two phases.

The first one is simple, because for the most part, it is a turn on a basic cluster of Fibonacci readings. But many times, the big move is hidden by a price and time squaring vibration which is revealed here whether accompanied by a news event or not. In this case, the balance comes because of the 66/67 vibration balancing or squaring out. To be fair, the drop was quick and difficult to catch this time but many traders may have sold short in the first sequence and held on if they were not scalping. Luckily many drops don’t manifest as fast as this one did.  One does not have to trade a 1-minute chart to capitalize on these special Kairos moments. They appear in all time frames.

But the key to success is two-fold. First one must have the patience and discipline to wait. The other consideration is seeing these clusters line up at key strategic points such as support or resistance.

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