The "New Gold Rush" in Materials


High-tech materials are leading the way to a revolution in technology advancements, says Michael A. Robinson of Money Morning.

Who would have thought that the new gold rush would be in material sciences?
We're talking about everything from rare earths that drive precision lasers to the cobalt needed for rechargeable batteries. Not to mention the advanced materials that make computer chips run faster. Or the "smart" materials that are driving the nanotech revolution.
Of course, the big news in what I call the Golden Age of Materials Science came less than nine years ago, when two scientists discovered graphene. It's a revolutionary material that will yield flat-screen TVs as thin as Saran Wrap, nanotech supercomputers, and neural implants that combat brain disease. No wonder the two scientists who discovered it won the Nobel Prize.
Now, hundreds of scientists have hit the lab to look for new ways to tweak existing molecules—or create whole new synthetic substances. They've already produced a steady stream of breakthroughs.

Today, I want to show you how you can profit from all of this radical change. For most investors, that will mean focusing on the specialty chemicals sector, which is up about 22% in the past six months. That's more than double the market's overall move over the same time period.
Here are a couple of material sciences stocks that have caught my eye thanks to their strong fundamentals and solid charts:
Not only is mid-cap leader PolyOne (POL) on the cutting edge of high-tech materials, it has a rich history as well.