01/16/2015 7:00 am EST


Stephen Quickel

Editor, US Investment Report

While its initial Wall Street launch was difficult, this social networking site—our Top Pick for 2015—has proved a runaway hit on Main Street, observes growth stock expert Stephen Quickel, editor of US Investment Report.

With employees averaging age 28, Facebook (FB) has generated phenomenal revenue growth: from $2 billion in 2010 to $7 billion in 2013, $12 billion in 2014, and upwards of $17 billion expected this year.

It has astonished early skeptics, including yours truly. It seemed like a huge leap in logic that the young online advertising market could produce so much revenue so quickly.

Facebook has had a jet-propelled takeoff in online advertising. Its demonstrated ability to use its social media base to carve out further inroads in online ad volume, including video ads, is quite impressive.

An inspired early move was its acquisition of the Instagram photo-sharing app that hooked both teens and their moms.

Can Facebook keep up the pace? There are other muscular rivals in the online marketplace such as Google's YouTube as well outfits like Netflix and Amazon.

Facebook's reach is most decidedly global, however. And it's been bolstering that reach, both in geography and product lines, with a flurry of recent acquisitions.

Facebook plans to spend heavily on anticipating new social media directions and growing its online and mobile device market positions.

Earnings may not advance 90% in 2015 as they did in 2014. But the 36% a year average growth currently projected by Street-side analysts covering FB isn't too shabby.

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