The Robot Revolution


Fred Fuld Image Fred Fuld Publisher and Founder, and

When it comes to businesses, companies are recognizing how robotics can help people and make things more trouble-free for their customers and consumers. It is all about convenience and making things as easy for people as possible, explains Fred Fuld, editor of

One area that is really changing the business landscape is consumer robotics. These are actual robot vacuum cleaners and they function just as well as a human being, if not better.

Robots are even making their way into the medical industry with robot surgery to make sure there are better results. Lots of people are scared to get surgery or go under the knife.

However, many people that need surgery feel a lot safer knowing their chances of a successful surgery would be higher with a robot in charge. 

Robotics is extensively used in the manufacturing industry. The benefits are that they run 24-hours a day, they reduce accidents in the workplace, and they save money.

The possibilities are endless and they are only getting started with ways to help not only end users but businesses as well. The point is, many companies are jumping on the robotics bandwagon.

iRobot (IRBT) manufactures and markets a number of robots that are growing in popularity among middle-class shoppers including the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot and the Scooba floor washing robot.

So if you're looking to invest in robotics, iRobot is a company you should be investigating. It trades at 28 times trailing earnings and 23 times forward earnings.

This debt free company has $173 million in cash, amounting to $6.38 in cash per share.