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Top Picks 2017: Philip Morris International

01/20/2017 6:00 am EST


Kelley Wright

Managing Editor, Investment Quality Trends

Sin stocks aren’t a favorite of every investor for moral reasons, which we totally get, cautions dividend expert Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.

If you are simply interested in a consistent business with good growth prospects and an attractive dividend yield, however, then Philip Morris International (PM) is sinfully attractive.

This is a pretty simple business to understand; a tobacco company that sells cigarettes and other tobacco products.

PM markets and sells its products in approximately 180 countries in the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Canada, which provides a lot of geographic diversification.

Its economic internals are very strong, with a high rate of return on invested capital, free cash flow and free cash flow yield.

PM offers excellent value when its dividend yield is 5% or higher. Based on the current cash dividend of $4.16 that equates to a stock price of $83 per share.

The upside potential is a dividend yield of 3.0%, which based on the current dividend is a stock price of around $139 per share.

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