A Dozen Reasons to Buy Johnson & Johnson


Nicholas Vardy Image Nicholas Vardy Editor, Bull Market Alert, The Alpha Investor Letter, and The Global Guru

For our latest recommendation, we are revisting a previous pick with big momentum — Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), which is currently the single most popular position among the strategies we monitor, explains Nicholas Vardy, editor of Alpha Algorithm.

Founded in 1885 and based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson manufactures and sells various products in the health care field worldwide.

Its consumer product portfolio includes household names like Listerine, Tylenol and Sudafed. The company also manufactures and sells pharmaceutical and medical devices.

The Alpha Algorithm system simultaneously tracks 20 of the most effective investing strategies ever developed. Currently, 12 different top investment strategies are currently betting on Johnson & Johnson:

High Quality Stock

The stock exhibits positive fundamentals, including high return on equity, stable year-over-year earnings growth and low financial leverage.

Fundamental Strength

It is a top U.S. stock based on fundamentals that are measured by book value, cash flow, sales and dividends.

Dividend Aristocrat

The stock is among those that have increased dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.

Hedge Fund Alpha

Based on publicly available disclosures, successful hedge fund managers are investing in the stock.

Dividend Dog

It is one of the five highest-yielding stocks among each of the 10 sectors tracked in the S&P 500.

Goldman Sachs’ Active Beta

The stock is selected according to four factors -- value, quality, momentum and low volatility.