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Top Picks 2019: Tesla (TSLA)

01/10/2019 5:00 am EST


Todd Shaver

Founder and Editor-in-Chief,

Tesla (TSLA) is disrupting the world of renewable energy and electric powered vehicles. That’s a noble cause and hopefully it will save the world from global warming, asserts Todd Shaver, editor of Bull Market Report.

These are some of the core values that drive the vision. But there is so much more about this company and its future. Just like Steve Jobs, Tesla creates beautiful products using revolutionary technology that make an instant connection with their audience.

There is a unique combination of talents in the mindset of Elon Musk. On one hand, he is a global thinker on the scale of great visionaries like Richard Branson. On the other, his products are created with extreme attention to the most minuscule detail in design and engineering. That’s pure Steve Jobs.

For the third quarter of 2018 the company reported a huge profit of $310 million. This was a shock to Wall Street and the stock promptly rallied from $260 to $340 in less than three weeks. It appears that the company will not have to raise additional capital through stock sales or borrowing. The Street loved it.

We have driven a Tesla, and it is the best car we have ever seen. And most people that own one feel the same way. Revenues last quarter were $6.82 billion, up from $2.98 billion the year before.

They are producing 6000 Model 3’s a week now, and demand appears to remain through the roof as they have almost $1 billion in customer deposits.

The founder, Elon Musk, has calmed down and has mostly shut down his Twitter account, and just recently added Larry Ellison to the board of directors. A new age has arisen with this company and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4-digit stock price in the next few years.

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