12 Stocks That Move Only One Way

01/21/2013 7:00 am EST


Ryan Mallory

Contributor, Share Planner

Ryan Mallory of SharePlanner.com shares his screen for 12 specific stocks that seem to move in only one direction—up—and could be good buys on pullbacks.

It has been a while since I published a stock screen, but good news, I’m back at doing it, and today's represents 12 stocks that only go up.

These stocks represent the best and most dependable stocks the market has to offer. They also come with some hefty dividends as well. Don't think about shorting any of these, because the big money buys these stocks up on every dip over the past year.

The key to trading these is to wait for such a dip and when they come, to but them off their existing trend-line with a stop-loss just below support.

Furthermore, the three from the list below, I would keep atop of your watch list are Louisiana-Pacific (LPX), which if it can pullback to the lower $19's it would be hard to pass up. American Tower (AMT) is also pushing higher to new highs, but any chance to get in between $76 and $77, don't hesitate.

Finally, Expedia (EXPE) is a great opportunity between $62-$63.

Check out the rest of them, you'll be surprised at what you find.

Here are 12 stocks that only go up.

12 Stocks

Also, I've changed the format of my screens and made it to where, instead of it being an image, you got a table that can be copy and pasted into anything you want.

By Ryan Mallory, Founder, SharePlanner.com

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