Join Jackie Ann Patterson LIVE at The MoneyShow Seattle!

Join Jackie Ann Patterson LIVE at The MoneyShow Seattle!

A Safe Learning Environment for Women Investors & Traders

07/24/2017 3:00 am EST


Jackie Ann Patterson

Author, Truth About ETF Rotation

At MoneyShow San Francisco, August 24-25, I’ll address the unique financial needs, wants, and desires of women, writes Jackie Ann Patterson of

As a woman living in Tahoe, I’m wooed by outdoor gear manufacturers and resorts on a mission to bring more women to their sport. In one of the promotions, I read about a modern mountaineering adage that says, “Add a woman to the climbing or back-country ski team because it’s the all-male teams that disappear into the crevasse.”

An analogy here is the stereotypical testosterone-fueled traders may be more likely to blow up their accounts, while adding a prudent woman to the investment committee could help moderate losses. I’ve heard another mountain adage which says: don’t be the only man on a ladies’ weekend to the cabin unless you want to serve as a Sherpa.  But I digress.

The MoneyShow San Francisco has invited me to participate in the Women on Wealth (WoW) event on August 24, 2017.  One of the goals of this session is to address the unique financial needs, wants, and desires of women.  Today I’m sitting down to think through what that means to me.

For fun, I’m taking on new sports with the help of three women-focused groups: two mountain biking (MTB) and one stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP).  One benefit to me is that even though I have repeatedly fallen off the SUP into the lake and on occasion fallen off the MTB into the stream, I have not been nick-named “Trout Face,” as I imagine I might in a group of guys.  Instead, from the women it’s all support and encouragement to keep improving, even if they can’t stop laughing while they’re saying it.

Likewise, at the MoneyShow WoW event, we can create a safe learning environment for the women investors. That’s nice. Is that all women want and need out of an investing workshop? Is there such a thing as woman-specific investing education?

Some outdoor gear companies are disparagingly said to “shrink it and pink it,” meaning they take their original product which was designed mostly by men for men, make it smaller since the typical woman is smaller, and be sure to tag it with a bright feminine color.  

Other companies have diligently researched our differing bodies and produced products tailored to women’s tendency to have tilted hips and proportionally smaller femur compared to men.

Coming full circle, at least one bicycle company, Specialized, has concluded that since there are bigger women as well as smaller men, perhaps they should simply make bikes for people. They plan to continue gender-specific marketing campaigns, but when a person comes to buy, they don’t try to force them onto a bike based on gender.

No doubt there are many people who defy the stereotypical investors. I know stubborn women with track records of staying with losing investments and risk-adverse men who always set their stop losses.

Therefore, I don’t really have women-specific investment advice. To all people, I think my message is to buy into areas that appear to be going up and sell after they turn down.

If you’re in the area, please join me for The MoneyShow San Francisco. I’ll be on an ETF Panel for Women on Wealth at 9:45 a.m. on Thursday August 24.

On Friday, August 25 at 6 p.m. my presentation on ETF Rotation in Action will cover what’s new in the recently published third edition of Truth About ETF Rotation.  People of all chromosome configurations are welcome to attend.

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