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Join Jay Soloff LIVE at The MoneyShow Las Vegas!

Trade of the Week: Unusual Options Activity in Amazon

02/07/2020 12:24 pm EST


Jay Soloff

Editor, Options Profit Engine

Despite the market selling off, there was an unusual amount of options activity in Amazon (AMZN). The online retail giant crushed earnings and the stock was up more than 7% on a day when most major stock indices were down 2%. The selloff was due to fear over the Coronavirus and what impact it may have on the global economy.

AMZN's earnings were so good, it trumped any negative impact from broad market selling. A trader made a covered call trade in AMZN that allows about 30 points of upside potential in the share price but also brought in $2.7 million in premiums from the short calls. It's a moderately bullish trade on the stock with about a 4% yield over three months.

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