Central banks will hog the limelight next week when the Fed and Bank of England make interest rate announcements, but the ECB got there first with another 0.25% hike yesterday, states Ian Murphy of MurphyTrading.com.

Euro rates are now at 4% and are expected to plateau at this level for the foreseeable future.


On the charts, the trade in Four Corners Property (FCPT) is kinda’ goin’ nowhere (to use a technical term) and has not taken off as we would like to see. This should probably be closed out today at breakeven or a few cents higher rather than carry the position over the weekend.


On the Help Strategy, a positive price bar accompanied by falling new monthly lows and declining VIX could trigger an entry in today’s session. Futures are already positive but it’s way too early to call it yet. Keep an eye on the new lows, that’s the key!

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