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03/30/2017 2:50 am EST


Gerardo Del Real

Editor, Resource Stock Digest Premium

I’ve previously insisted that Almaden Minerals (AAU) is a prime buyout target for some time now, and the company is taking an important step towards that end.

The company will soon be publishing a new pre-feasibility study (PFS). I expect it to be a significant catalyst that moves shares higher, and possibly gets suits to get their checkbook ready, especially if the gold and silver prices continue to hold in the near-term.

Shares have a 52-week high of C$2.44/US$1.88 and currently trade at C$1.39/US$1.06. Almaden is significantly under our buy-under price. Double down on your position and buy it under$1.42 Canadian or $1.10 US. Place a limit order.

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