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07/10/2014 7:00 am EST


Chloe Jensen

Chief Analyst, Cabot Dividend Investor

Chloe Jensen, from Cabot Dividend Investors, has two dividend paying ETFs that she currently likes.

SPEAKER 1: Hi.I’m here with Chloe Jensen, Chief Analyst at Cabet Dividend Investor, and we’re going to talk a little bit about ETFs for income.How do you find these?Why should people be in them?

CHLOE JENSEN: Well;, ETFs can be a great way to generate some income for your portfolio from a diversified group of stocks or other types of assets and they can be a really simple way to get a regular source of income without having to worry too much about the details and fundamentals of the actual dividend payers.

SPEAKER 1: What types of ETFs do you look for, ones with low fees, you know the different sectors?

CHLOE JENSEN: You can really find ETFs to suit any desire, any sort of goals, but if you want high yield, for example, if that’s your top priority, then MLP ETFs are a great source of yield, AMLP, the Alerian MLP Index based ETF is a really popular one.

SPEAKER 1: That’s one you like right now?

CHLOE JENSEN: Yes, it looks pretty good.You get all of the yield and regular income of MLPs without having to deal with complicated tax issues.

SPEAKER 1: You don’t get the K-1.

CHLOE JENSEN: Right.I know investors hate that.

SPEAKER 1: Exactly, and what about other than MLPs.

CHLOE JENSEN: Well, if you are prioritizing safe income, if you want a reliable bond-like income stream, even monthly dividends, you might want to check out some preferred stock ETFs.

SPEAKER 1: Sure, which one do you like?

CHLOE JENSEN: I like PGX a lot.I think they pay a monthly dividend.

SPEAKER 1: What’s it called?

CHLOE JENSEN: It’s PGX, it’s the PowerShares Preferred Portfolio.

SPEAKER 1: Okay.

CHLOE JENSEN: There’s a few different preferred ETFs very similar but this one only invested in investment grade preferred stocks so it’s pretty good credit quality and it pays a monthly dividend.

SPEAKER 1: Excellent.Thank you very much.

CHLOE JENSEN: Thanks for having me.

SPEAKER 1: Thanks for joining us on Money

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