Meet the Experts: Ryan Irvine

07/27/2017 2:49 am EST


Ryan Irvine


In this special "Meet the Experts" series, we asked our investing and trading experts to speak directly with our readers, discussing their backgrounds, investment strategies, and reviewing their presentations at the upcoming The MoneyShow Toronto.

I founded one of Canada's only independent stock market research advisory firm, Keystone Financial, which can be found at triple  I'm a financial analyst by trade and education, hold a BBA in finance. 

I authored a syndicated financial column that ran for Canada for around a decade.  It appeared in the Bank of the Providence Calgary Herald Investors Digest as well as a number of other publications.  I'm a regular guest on BNN, Canada's number one financial radio show Money Talks with Michael Camel as well. 

Now, our research at Keystone helps thousands of individual and institutional investors discover unique earnings driven small cap and dividend growth stock throughout Canada and into the US.  Now, I specialize in Canadian and US growth stock research. 

Now, what differentiates our research is that we look at any company any size or business.  In fact our analysts look at the financial statements of every company in Canada which is over 4000 stocks at least twice per year, and over 3000 US stocks to uncover select quality small cap and dividend paying growth stocks. 

We use what could be classified as a GARP or growth at a reasonable price model to uncover quality earnings driven small cap stocks. 

Now, we are often the first or one of the first analysts to cover a stock giving us the opportunity to find a truly, what we'd call a truly misplaced growth stock.  We stress quality over quantity with our unique focused diversification strategy that is designed to build a concentrated portfolio of say 10 to 12 growth stocks over a year to 18-month period. 

Now, our clients are updated on each stock recommendation through individually read and easy to understand buy, sell, and hold reports with simple actionable advice on each company within their portfolio.  Simply we give them a buy, hold, or a sell, and a complete explanation on why. 

Now, as far as our DIY seminar or our Do It Yourself seminar series, it was specifically designed to help individual investors create portfolios of individual stock. 

These are the type of investors who have been unsatisfied with the high fees and meager returns from the traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing that they've done in the past. 

They're looking for a level of control over their financial future, specifically the stock component of their portfolio which is often the most important part of their portfolio, often up to 70% of their total portfolio. 

Now, in our two-hour including question and answer period DIY seminar, we share our strategies as well as a couple recent stock selections to get you started on your path towards financial independence.  We are equity specialists focusing on the largest and most important component of your portfolio long term which is quality stocks. 

The topics we will get into, just briefly, is how many stocks you should own, what stocks to buy which is important, when to buy them, and perhaps the most important part is when to sell a stock, and we give you some insight into our methodology. 

This methodology has allowed us to uncover unknown growth and dividend stocks that produce tremendous returns.  I'll give you an example of one.  Perhaps it is the best performing TSX stock over the last 10 years, the past decade, it's the Boyd Group Income Fund.  That symbol is BYB.UN on the TSX. 

The stock is up over 4,000% over that period and has paid us, when we bought it originally it was trading at $2.30.  It's paid us a dividend of over $3 over that period.  We still rank it as a long term buy although it's completely under covered on Wall Street.  These are the type of situations that we look for in our research.

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