There’s Apple and There’s Everyone Else

06/22/2012 2:00 pm EST


Michael Comeau

Editor, "Buzz & Banter", Minyanville

Apple’s metoric rise isn’t ending, says Minyanville’s Michael Comeau, and the company’s next wave of products including Apple TV, iPhone 5, and iPad 3 will help to further bury the competition.

One of the favorite stocks for traders is Apple. It’s been on a meteoric rise over the last year or two. Our guest today is Michael Comeau, and Michael, we were seeing Apple at all-time highs. Do you see this continuing?

The thing people really need to realize with Apple (AAPL) is that the company is the best at everything, and the competition—believe it or not—is actually getting weaker.

We hear a lot about Android taking over, but if you actually look at the numbers in the smart phone market, only Samsung (SSNLF) is succeeding on the Android side. The rest of them are completely falling apart.

Furthermore, I think people are really ignoring the television opportunity. One of the last things Steve Jobs said before he died was, “I finally cracked it.” That was the exact quote.

Typically, with televisions, you would think they would be easy to use, but they are really not. They are really complicated, especially when you are bringing cable boxes and home theaters and things like that. We’re talking about a market of hundreds of millions of units a year at $1,000 to $1,500. This could be a $50 billion- per-year opportunity for Apple.

Do you see Apple TVs here in 2012?

You know, timing is tricky. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s next year, because this year, we will see iPhone 5 and iPad 3, because the last generations of those devices were fairly basic updates.

They are probably going to save it for next year, because next year we will probably have minor updates for those devices, and then the big thing will be Apple TV.

I would love to be able to control my TV with my iPhone, that’s for sure. Do you see them integrating all of their products: the iPad, the iPhone, and Apple TV?

Absolutely. Specifically, they said that all the devices will sync, and they will hook into iCloud.

I don’t know about you, but my TV set-up is horribly complicated. There are wires everywhere, and all kinds of junk. I have ten remotes, and I want to throw it all out and just control it with my iPhone!

Alright, let’s talk about the stock price here. When it’s been going on this way for so long, people start to talk about a top. Do you think that’s premature?

Yeah, because the bearish argument against Apple is not about losing market share, bad products, or bad leadership; the bear argument is always that the stock’s gone up too much.

I have been hearing that since about 2004. In fact, I was saying it in 2004, and they have defied the critics time and time and time again. And, as I said before, the competition is getting weaker; they are not getting better.

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