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Tim Knight Image Tim Knight Principal, Tim Knight Organization, LLC

A candid interview with longtime blogger Tim Knight, who explains the goal of his blog and why he is hooked on writing it after so many years.

My guest today is Tim Knight, and he has a hugely popular blog called Slope of Hope. We're going to talk to him today about what he's learned after so many years of blogging. Tim, big popular blog. Give us some lessons learned over the years of blogging and what you've learned and how it's helped you trade as well.

Sure, well I've been at this's my eighth year now. I went into it at the urging of my wife. I thought it was just a fad at the time, but it's become a really important part of my life now.

I guess there are two or three things I've taken away from the experience. One of them is that the community is everything. The culture of the community has to start from the top. If you go onto blogs, a lot of people are hesitant to participate because it's just a very friendly environment. Trading is a blood sport and there are a lot of strongly opinionated people out there.

All through these years, I've tried to make Slope a place that is friendly and helpful, and frankly, kind. That becomes obvious to people who come there for the first time. It's a safe place to ask questions or learn from others. I think that's part of the reason why it's so popular both as a blog and also in the comment stream.

The second point is about the comments themselves.