The Weekly Whisper from the Dark Pool

05/04/2017 2:48 am EST


Stefanie Kammerman

Founder, Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The

Stefanie Kammerman, the Stock Whisperer, here to tell you the Weekly Whisper from the Dark Pool May 3 about HRB, UMC, XLE and IAU. And a recap of Whisper performance last week: VZ, AGG, TLT, CX in the weekly Thursday video and transcript.

But before we get to it, you know what we’ve got to do: look at last week (April 24-28).  Juniper (JNPR) rallied this week. I told you guys. I got into this, I got out at $30.66 after spotting some selling there. If you’re in my Live Trading Room, I’m always calling out my trades in real time.

Also,last week we were watching Verizon (VZ) on April 27, when our Whisper went out I was only bullish on Verizon on a close above $47. And unfortunately, it was unable to do so. I’m still watching the stock. If it goes above there, I will definitely shout it out.

Also, we were watching the bonds, iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG) had a very large print last week and we were bullish above $108.88 with the print. We weregoing to watch the $109 level and it did top the $109.25 level. Now this bond ETF did not move that fast, so I prefer to do options on iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT). I had a phenomenal trade, using a $122 call. However, you can see today (May 3) it had a bit of a pullback. $122.50 is my key, key level, bullish above if we can break above that.

But the big winner this week was Cemex (CX) love that stock, hit my target $9.50 perfectly, you can see we were bullish above that $9 level.

So, what are we watching this week? Well, I’ve got my eye on H&R Block (HRB) This is a great seasonality stock. On the Equity Clock chart, you can see most years, H&R Block has a nice rally from April all the way to August. So, let’s go back to the charts and I can knock out the trades. $25 is the key resistance level, if she can close above there. $27.50 is my first target, and then, $30.

Also, watching UMC. We spotted massive amounts of volume coming in last week at $1.94-$1.95. You can see she finally broke out. This is United Microelectronics. You know what? I love it. If she can break above $2, there’s a lot of room to go. It trades really well. 2 and an eighth, my first target, two and a quarter. High end: $2.50 as long as she can stay above that $2 level.

Also, watching Energy Select SPDR ETF (XLE). It’s been in a downward trend. I’ve drawn all the trend lines.  I love it if she can break above $68. 

Also, I know a lot of you trade gold (IAU) so I just want to share with you where the Dark Pool action is coming. 12 key level today (May 3). We had a ton of prints today iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU).  You can see this 3.6 million bar. We’re going to be bearish below $11.92 on IAU.

Happy trading!

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