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The Weekly Whisper from the Dark Pool: TLT, LQD, TIP, SCHP, ZB

08/03/2017 3:00 am EST


Stefanie Kammerman

Founder, Stock Whisperer Trading Company, The

Hello there, Stefanie Kammerman, the Stock Whisperer, here to tell you the Whisper of the Week from the Dark Pool for August 2: TLT, LQD, TIP, SCHP, ZB. And, a recap of past Whisper performance of IAU, GLD, in my weekly Thursday video and transcript.

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Before we get to this week’s Whisper, we have to talk about last week’s Whisper. If you had a chance to listen and watch last week’s Whisper, July 26, we spotted massive Dark Pool prints on iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU).

This is a Dark Pool favorite when it comes to gold. Keep your eye on IAU. Definitely a little too slow for me to trade. I definitely prefer SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD). This thing had a power move where it went all the way to $121 where it hit resistance. Just want to let you know that in the past, we had a massive Dark Pool area on $12.24. So only be bullish on IAU if we can break above $12.24. Next level up is $12.55, may come down and retest at that print level, so keep your eye on those levels.

Traders in my Trading Room rocked gold this week. But guess what we spotted on August 2. A massive Dark Pool prints on bond ETFs. Let’s start with iShares iBoxx USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (LQD). We spotted a very large print coming in on LQD August 2. And if you follow my Dark Pool app. On my Twitter: Massive Dark pool print on LQD 1.3 million $121.03. Bullish above $121.20, bearish below $120.80.

But this is not the only bond print we spotted August 2. iShares TIPS Bond ETF (TIP). 1.7 million at $113.48 so we’re going to bullish above $113.60. Going to be bearish below $113.40.

We spotted an even bigger print on Schwab US TIPS ETF (SCHP), another bond ETF. This one was 3.5 million. You can see the very large volume coming in. You can see it barely trades any volume at all. Something is going on with the bonds. The level to watch here is $55.18 in the prints. We’re going to be bullish above $55.25. Bearish below $55.12.

I prefer to trade iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT). This is definitely my favorite bond ETF. The level I’m watching: I’m going to be bullish above $125, bearish on a close below $124.50.

Before I go, I want to let you know that we had some volume of the 30-year Treasury Bond Futures (ZB) Thank you Angela for calling out the levels in the Trading Room on the ZB. $154.17. $154.13.  High volume. No thinking! Bullish above, bearish below.

Recorded: August 2, 2017
Duration: 4:32

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