The World Money Show - Part 1

02/13/2004 12:00 am EST


Last week, over 13,000 investors joined together for the first-ever World Money Show in Orlando. This week and next, the Money Show Digest, will feature highlights from the show. Part 1 is devoted exclusively to global investment opportunities. Click Here to view Part 2, which includes US advisors and stocks.

This issue begins with Sir John Templeton, one of the great minds of our time. We also offer expert overviews of some of the world's most exciting markets. Nele Husmann offers a review of Germany, and David Fuller covers the United Kingdom. Neil George and Paul Matthews look at the Asian region, while Lilia Clemente provides an in-depth look at China. Julian Mayo discusses the outlook for Eastern Europe and Russia, while Gordon Pape looks north of the border to Canadian opportunities. And Frank Cappiello, Vivian Lewis, and the Templeton Equity Group's Jeffrey Everett provide an overview of worldwide opportunities.

And while this issue focuses exclusively on global opportunities, Part 2, which will appear next week, will feature both US and international investments, including John Dessauer's favorite stocks, and economic and market outlooks from Knight Kiplinger and Jack Ablin, options strategies from Chris Johnson, insights from Ken Kam's top investors, a rational look at value investing from Jamie Dlugosch, words of caution from Martin Weiss, the best stock picks from Elliott Gue and John Buckingham, and highlights from the InvestorPlace Panel.

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We hope you enjoy this special report!

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