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Flipping Wall Street, LLC is the authorized distributor of FLIP automated trading Platform. Unlike conventional "black box" traders that have one secret "proprietary" strategy, The FLIP platform has a library of strategies that can be applied to any stocks or ETF's that can be back-tested for efficacy. Once you identify a stock and strategy that you like you can simply add it to your portfolio. Once your portfolio is built save and FLIP will begin alerting you when its time to buy and sell your stocks based on your chosen strategies. You can decide whether or not to take the trade. If you wish to use the fully automated capabilities, we can connect directly to your Interactive Brokers account and the software platform will follow your strategies and execute the buying and selling for you. Take the emotions out of your trading decisions with FLIP. FLIP has the ability to open and close positions, fully automatic, pulling your profits off the table and helping you manage your risk so you can accomplish the retirement you deserve.

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