Investopedia, a division of ValueClick, Inc. was founded in 1999. Its original concept was based on building the most comprehensive financial dictionary online. Over time, the focus of the site expanded to building educational content and tools to help empower the individual investor.
Today the site attracts millions of visitors per month seeking to improve their financial understanding. Investopedia offers an abundance of financial content, from articles, dictionary terms, tutorials and video, to frequently asked questions and exam prep quizzes. Notable is Investopedia's Stock Simulator and FXtrader, where users can register for free and practice their investing skills with $100,000 in virtual cash in either the stock market or fast paced foreign exchange market.
In addition to online content, Investopedia offers free weekly newsletters covering all topics from investing basics to Forex trading. Our newsletters cater to all audiences, whether it be the seasoned investor interested in receiving stock analysis and trends, or inexperienced individuals looking to get their financial feet wet.

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