ETF Capital Management

ETF Capital Management (ETFCM) sits at the intersection of the two most important trends in the industry: ETF investing and active global portfolio management. Over the past ten years, investors have no returns from "buy and hold" strategies, and have identified the need to protect capital in down markets, while also optimizing their up-market capture. ETFCM achieves this rare balance with a dynamic global macro management process that tactically over/under weights countries, sectors, and asset classes according to today's rapidly changing market conditions. Although the ever-expanding universe of ETFs can be daunting, ETFCM makes sense of it all with powerful global strategies that are still easy to follow and understand. Privateer is ETFCM's Separately Managed Account (SMA) program that provides clients with 100% ETF-based core portfolio strategies tailored to individual needs and risk tolerance. Our platform gives clients absolute confidence in the safety and security of their assets, while providing full transparency through real-time online access to view account holdings, detailed quarterly reporting, comprehensive annual tax reporting, and weekly publications. Finally, for sophisticated investors who enjoy the excitement, risk, and challenge of managing their own portfolios--ETFCM offers technical analysis research services, and model ETF portfolios on a subscription basis. Please visit to learn more.