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The Schork Report is geared towards professionals in the global energy arena looking to improve economic performance while managing risk. Our clients represent a broad cross-section of the market sectors and include the largest and most influential energy traders, hedge funds, financial institutions, producers, marketers, and end-users in the world. This provides us with a true pulse on the factors driving energy prices and the trends for consumer demand.


The Schork Report consolidates the (over)abundance of energy market intelligence “noise” to present a daily cross-commodity briefing tool that highlights the day’s key issues. Readers rely on our commentary and analysis as the basis for their trading strategy development.


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The Schork Group On-demand Presentations

video image
Oil, Gas & Geopolitics
Are we producing too much crude oil? Stephen Schork thinks so, and the associated gas that comes wit...
Duration: 3:33
video image
The Best Energy Sector Investments
Why the best investments in the energy sector are in the infrastructure space....
Duration: 3:38
video image
Why We See $30 Crude Before $100 Crude
When the Saudi Arabian crude oil production facilities were attacked in September, many people expec...
Duration: 3:24
video image
Natural Gas: Long Term Bull Market
Stephen Schork calls natural gas the longest long-term bull market. However, currently, natural gas ...
Duration: 7:05
video image
Using Volatility-Based Cones to Identify Market Opportunities
Futures contracts are used to limit risk exposure by removing the uncertainty about future price. Vo...
Duration: 45:00
video image
Geopolitics in Energy: What a Difference an Administration Makes
Duration: 16:39

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