iFundTraders, LLC is a New York City based educational trading firm that currently educates and prepares individuals to enter into the professional world of trading equities, currencies, and futures for a living. iFundTraders, LLC, trains individuals to become highly skilled traders via a very comprehensive seven-day Master Trader Training session, which includes five days of live trading, coupled with an on-going 18-month continuing educational program, complete with daily mentoring and weekly evaluations of performance. FundTraders, LLC is so confident in its training and ongoing educational support that once you've completed our entire training program, we'll invite you to enter the world of true professional trading by becoming a member of our team of elite traders. iFundTraders, LLC will arrange for each graduated trader to be backed by its preferred trading firm with $50,000 in buying power to start. Each trader has the ability to rise through the ranks to be funded with as much as $2,000,000. Trading profits are shared with the firm at an 80/20 ratio in favor of the trader and can rise to as high as a 95/5 ratio in favor of the trader. Unlike firms that require traders to put their own capital at risk when establishing a trading account, iFundTraders, LLC offers traders the opportunity to develop their trading careers without the need for personal funding. All profits earned get credited to the trader until the entire educational fee has been recouped, making iFundTrader's 7-Day Master Trader program ultimately free.