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Buffett and Beyond Research is dedicated to the continuing research and the practical application of a predictability method known as Clean Surplus which is used by the world's greatest investor, Warren E. Buffett. Buffett and Beyond Research provides subscriptions to a stock selection computer program and a weekly video newsletter. Buffett and Beyond Asset Management provides hedged growth portfolio implementation. 

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To Live on the Beach Like Jimmy Buffett, Learn to Invest Better Than Warren Buffett
Duration: 28:50
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To Live on the Beach Like Jimmy Buffett, Learn to Invest Better than Warren Buffett
Buffett and Beyond's methodology allows you to outperform the S&P 500 index without taking on more t...
Duration: 27:39
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Clean Surplus: A Model of Superior Performance Predictability
If you want to live on the beach like Jimmy Buffett, you've got to learn how to invest like Warren B...
Duration: 24:31
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To Live on the Beach like Jimmy Buffett -- Learn to Invest Like Warren Buffett
Duration: 47:05

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