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Turner Capital Investments, LLC, is a registered investment advisory with the primary objective of generating strong client profits in bull markets and keeping them from major losses in bear markets. Our approach is “market-directional”; we use our proprietary algorithms to determine exactly when uptrends begin, when those uptrends will end, and when new downtrends have been identified. We are bullish in bull markets, go to cash in neutral markets, and are bearish in bear markets.

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The Great Debate on Buy-and-Hold vs. Market Timing
Fireworks will fly! In this lively debate, Mike Larson, editor of Weiss' Safe Money Report will use ...
Duration: 40:46
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Trump or Biden? It Doesn't Matter, This Strategy Is Set to Beat the Market
There's a misconception the financial media likes to spin that you can't know what to do in the stoc...
Duration: 31:47
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Algorithmic Stock Market Investing for High-Net-Worth Investors
Until recently, algorithmic investing was available only to hedge funds and institutions. Now it’s a...
Duration: 31:16
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This Strategy Is Set to Beat the Market No Matter Who Wins the Election
There's a misconception the financial media likes to spin things so you can't know what to do in the...
Duration: 30:08
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Build a Market-Beating Portfolio
Savvy market investors know that beating the market isn't about getting lucky with a couple of stock...
Duration: 29:45
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The Turner Quant Advantage Portfolio
Are you tired of your buy-and-hold investment advisors treating you like a child, patting your hand,...
Duration: 31:10

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