Grom Social, Inc.

Grom Holdings, Inc, is a Delaware holding company that conducts its operations through its subsidiaries, Grom Social, Inc., Top Draw Animation, Grom Educational Services Inc., and Grom Nutritional Services. Our core business is our social media website for children, which we refer to as Grom Social. The concept for Grom Social was developed in 2012, by Zach Marks who was 11 years old at the time. He decided to create Grom Social after his parents blocked his access to Facebook over their concerns regarding potential exposure to unsuitable content. Grom Social currently has approximately 4.7 million users between the ages of 5-16 in over 200 countries.

Please visit our booth #325 to learn more about the company, and inquire about our Wednesday, May 17th luncheon presentation. For accredited investors only, limited seating available.