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Founded in 1961 as an investment research boutique, Reaves Asset Management has a long performance record of managing institutional equity portfolios focused on utilities, telecom, and energy infrastructure securities. In September 2015, partnered with Virtus ETF Solutions, LLC, Reaves launched the Reaves Utilities ETF (NYSE Arca: UTES), the first fully transparent, actively managed utilities ETF.

Reaves Asset Management On-demand Presentations

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Why Utilities Will Likely Outperform Broad Market
Fear is rising in investment circles and many traders and investors are looking for safe-haven inves...
Duration: 3:45
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Utility Sector Funds
Rowland Wilhelm describes the evolution of Reaves Asset Management from 1961 to present. ...
Duration: 2:26
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Where to Invest Next
Duration: 41:24
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The Best Places to Put Your Money in 2019 Panel
In this timely panel, five top money experts will explore the hottest markets for the year ahead. Wi...
Duration: 25:47
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Thomas Grimes: Active ETF UTES
At MoneyShow SF, Tom Grimes of Reaves Asset Management discusses how 40 years of utilities investing...
Duration: 4:48
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Thomas Grimes: Reaves Utilities ETF
At MoneyShow SF, Thomas Grimes: our expertise is in the utilities sector, oil & communications. Reav...
Duration: 4:22

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