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Hirsch Organization arms traders and investors with information and insights to make more profitable trades and investments. Almanac Investor eNewsletter stock picks and sector rotation focus on high probability trades for maximum returns using fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction with seasonal and cyclical trading strategies, economic trends, and historical patterns. Stock Trader’s Almanac 2019 is the 52nd annual edition.

Hirsch Organization On-demand Presentations

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The Evolution of Market Indicators
Jeff Hirsch provides the history of the Stock Traders Almanac and discusses how market indicators ha...
Duration: 4:00
video image
Analyzing Pandemic Cycles
Jeff Hirsch of Stock Traders Almanac researched the history of past pandemic outbreaks to see if the...
Duration: 3:48
video image
Jeff Hirsch: A Man for All Seasonality
Jeff Hirsch, Editor-in-Chief of Stock Traders Almanac, discusses the evolution of his analysis of ma...
Duration: 2043
video image
Cycles, Seasonality & Trends
Jeff Hirsch discusses the cycles, seasonality, and trends that are embedded in market price....
Duration: 3:50
video image
The Only Free Lunch on Wall Street
Why the markets still have a bullish outlook. Small-cap stock have been underperforming since August...
Duration: 4:30
video image
Midterm Selloff Sets Stage for 2019 Pre-Election Rally
Tax-cut legislation held off the usual midterm year correction until much later in the year, pushing...
Duration: 45:16

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