FolioBeyond is a revolutionary investment technology platform bringing advanced algorithms to individual and institutional investors, wealth managers, and investment advisors. We employ a disciplined approach to create optimal portfolios for core equity and fixed income strategies. FolioBeyond emphasizes factor-based and volatility-weighted methodologies for equities and a comprehensive factor-based optimization model for fixed income. As the firm’s name suggests, FolioBeyond’s mission goes far beyond traditional asset managers in delivering a transparent, cost-effective, and customer-centric experience. The overarching goal is to provide advanced asset management solutions that leverage automation and technology. FolioBeyond was created by entrepreneurs and experts in investment management and financial technology. But most importantly, FolioBeyond is designed by experienced professionals who saw flaws in existing automated services and quantitative practices as well as inefficiencies in traditional asset allocation and portfolio management. FolioBeyond seeks to provide an institutional-quality alternative by offering products and strategies based on precision in portfolio construction, full transparency in fund selection and fees, and customization where required to help institutions, advisors, and individual investors reach their financial goals.

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During volatile market periods even professional money managers can lose their discipline under pres...
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