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With headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix Metro), Estate Planning Specialists and its managing firm, Phillips Financial Services, LLC has clients in every state of the union with the overall goal of KEEPING YOUR WEALTH IN THE FAMILY while enjoying life to its fullest.

Phillips Financial Services had its actual beginning in 1972 when founder David Phillips first entered the world of finance. After receiving multiple recommendations from financial newsletter authors such as Mark Skousen, Richard Band, Adrian Day, Terry Savage, Tony Sagami, Dr. David Eifrig, Robert Carlson and Weiss Research, the firm grew at an accelerated pace, requiring proper licensing in each state. It soon became evident that the majority of the newsletter subscribers were in dire need of estate planning guidance, so Estate Planning Specialists was established in 1988 to assist clients in maximizing their financial legacies.

Through the years, the firm has refined the planning process with their lauded proprietary Estate Planning Solutions Suite. In addition, they have added to their services the focus of providing “safe money” investments and income solutions so market turmoil and potential long-term medical situations do not play a factor into shrinking one’s legacy.

Estate Planning Specialists LLC. On-demand Presentations

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The 2020 Secure Act: How to Combat the New Stealth Estate Tax
Did you know with the passage of the SECURE Act on January 1, 2020, your IRA/401k, etc. will be slas...
Duration: 31:46
video image
The SECURE Act -- The New 2020 Stealth Estate Tax!
Did you know with the passage of The SECURE Act on January 1, 2020, your IRA/401k will be slashed in...
Duration: 44:08
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How to Leverage Your Assets Today For Your Long-Term-Care Event Tomorrow--The Leveraged-Care Solution
Duration: 49:22
video image
Answers to Today's Long-Term-Care Crisis: Leveraged-Care Solutions
Duration: 27:54
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The Family Bank Strategy: How to Create Your Own Personal Tax-Free Bank
What if you could create your own personal bank, what would it look like? What features would it ha...
Duration: 40:06

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