Vista Gold Corp

Since 2001, Vista has acquired a number of gold projects with the expectation that higher gold prices would significantly increase their value. Vista has recently completed a preliminary feasibility study on the Paredones Amarillos project in Mthat indicated positive results at gold prices lower than those now prevailing. Vista plans to confirm these results with definitive feasibility studies in 2008. Vista is undertaking programs to advance the Paredones Amarillos project, including the purchase of long delivery equipment items, so that construction can begin during the second half of 2009. The results of a preliminary assessment completed in 2007 on the Mt. Todd project in Australia were encouraging and additional technical studies are underway with a definitive feasibility study planned for completion by the end of 2008. Vistas other holdings include the Guadalupe de los Reyes project in MYellow Pine project in Idaho, Awak Mas project in Indonesia, Long Valley project in California, and Amayapampa project in Bolivia.