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Dallas Master Classes

These smaller, more in-depth classes taught by industry experts allow you to immerse yourself in specific topics and provide ample Q&A time, so you can take your knowledge to the next level. Don't miss the insights, strategies, tools, forecasts, and specific recommendations that can turn investment potential into profitable success!

How to Generate Monthly Cash Flow and Purchase Stocks at a Discount Using Two Low-Risk Option Strategies*


Stock option strategies can be crafted to meet specific goals and match personal risk-tolerance. In this Master Class, Dr. Alan Ellman, author of four best-selling books on covered-call writing, will focus on two low-risk option-selling strategies geared to generating monthly cash flow and buying a stock at a discount. Five actionable strategies will be discussed and information will be provided for both beginner and more advanced option traders: covered call writing, selling cash-secured puts, the PCP (put-call-put) strategy, portfolio overwriting (leveraging your long-term buy-and-hold portfolio to achieve higher returns), and the zero-dollar collar. Free DVDs and access to the Ellman call and put calculators will be available to all attendees.

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14

StockGrader/DividendGrader: Tools for the Individual Investor*


The dividend world has been invaded by high-commission, risky "private" REITs, where investors have no idea of the value of their underlying investments and all-too-often lose 30% to 70% over the duration of their investment. Even some high-rated dividends ETFs are risky for naive dividend investors. In other words, it is a minefield out there. Louis Navellier, editor of Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth, will explain how his FREE Dividend Grader grades stocks on their dividend persistence and dividend growth. Based on exhaustive research, Dividend Grader identifies the safest, least-volatile dividend stocks that also have capital appreciation potential.

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14

The Swing Trader's Guide to Trends, Retracements, and Breakout Trades in Today's Market*


Traders and Investors of all experience levels can benefit from a refresher course on how to spot the best trending stocks along with the most efficient ways to trade them with minimal risk. Join Corey Rosenbloom, CMT, author of The Complete Trading Course, as he discusses the three core price principles and how they build effective and simple trades in trending environments. Using live market data in real time, Corey will show you how to set up your charts to identify strongly trending stocks in play. Using this as a foundation, he will guide you through specific entry, exit, and price target-setting tactics that have stood the test of time. Attendees will also receive a special Trader's Reference Guide with six specific trade set-ups you can begin using right away.

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14

Build a Bear-Proof Portfolio: Learn the Secret to Always Having the Right Investment Strategy at the Right Time*


You have been told that no one can consistently pick market tops and bottoms (which is true, by the way) and therefore, the smart money does not jump into and out of the market. You have been told wrong! Mike Turner will show you how to simply and consistently measure the market and position your holdings accordingly such that you will always be on the right side of the market and never get caught unprepared in the next bear market. The process he will show you is not magic, and it is not opinion. It is simple math, rules, and discipline. He will teach you how to never fear putting your money to work in the stock market and always know when to be bullish, neutral, or bearish.

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14

Finding the Next Big Stock Market Winners*


Do you want to be the first on the block to discover the next Starbucks, Facebook, or Tesla? Then, make tracks for this hard-hitting lunch panel featuring some of the country's ace stockpickers.

With the stock market bull running for over eight years old now and a host of stocks to choose from, selecting winners is an almost Herculean task. Discover how these top professional investors separate fact from fiction to maximize their profit opportunities. Each attendee will receive a booklet with the panelists' top stock picks and analysis of each pick!

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14

Trade Like a Pro Using Candlesticks*


To trade like a pro, you need to think like a pro. In this all-new VectorVest course, senior instructor Glenn Tompkins, will demonstrate the art of pairing candlestick patterns with technical analysis indicators. While single candlesticks convey valuable information about the changes in a market's supply and demand balance, a succession of candlesticks taken together, is more pertinent as they form a pattern. These patterns become super charged when we pair them with technical indicators that compliment and confirm the patterns themselves. Achieve the kind of success only possible by enhancing expert techniques with VectorVest's exclusive searches, ranking, and market-timing analysis.

*$89 per person if purchased by September 14; $109 after September 14