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Special Events

Of course, even when assessing advice from top-tier experts, there’s no single path that’s right for everyone, but the most important step is to find the strategies that work best for you. Attending one of these in-depth tracks or Master Classes will give you an unprecedented opportunity to find advice that best suits your personal interests, risk parameters, and time horizon.

Master Classes

These smaller, more in-depth classes taught by industry experts allow you to immerse yourself in specific topics and provides ample Q&A time, so you can take your knowledge to the next level.

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Sponsored Events

If you’re looking for additional market know-how, these sessions brought to you by sponsors and media partners will keep you up to speed on the very latest cutting-edge investing and trading tools and strategies for successfully navigating today’s markets.

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The World of ETF Investing

Transparency, diversification, and low-cost access to practically any market, sector, or asset class make exchange traded funds highly attractive, viable solutions for investors and traders alike, yet the fact remains that most investors notoriously chase performance in overhyped and overvalued ETFs! To outperform benchmark index funds, investors really need expert guidance and a sound ETF strategy that gets results, and that’s exactly what you’ll formulate in this in-depth special track.

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The Money, Metals, & Mining Symposium

2016 certainly provided a rollercoaster ride for precious metal investors, with gold hitting fresh new lows after the election. But, what does the future hold for precious metals and mining stocks? To help steer you to the most powerful strategies and best-positioned resource stocks, we’re gathering some of today’s top experts for a value-packed full-day special track.

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The All-Stars of Options Trading

Join a group of industry experts as they discuss favorite option strategies they employ in bullish, bearish, and neutral markets. Ideas for choosing strike prices and time when initiating positions will be included as well as time for your questions.

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The Cannabis Investing Event

The cannabis industry is one of the most rapidly developing and controversial industries in the United States. During the past two years, more than 200 cannabis companies have gone public through reverse mergers, and most of them will be out of business in less than two years.

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