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Event Overview

Event Overview

Transparency, diversification, and low-cost access to practically any market, sector, or asset class make exchange traded funds highly attractive, viable solutions for investors and traders alike, yet the fact remains that most investors notoriously chase performance in overhyped and overvalued ETFs!

To outperform benchmark index funds, investors really need expert guidance and a sound ETF strategy that gets results, and that’s exactly what you’ll formulate in this in-depth special track.

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Matt Hougan

Inside ETFs


Tom Lydon

ETF Trends

Editor and Publisher

Eric Balchunas

Bloomberg News

Senior ETF Analyst

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What You'll Learn

Hear directly from world-renowned ETF experts and you’ll span the entire fund universe, thoroughly examining the merits and risk factors of country- and sector-specific ETFs, bond- and income-focused ETFs, and the newer, actively managed funds.

  • Take away real, practical knowledge about how to recognize the best growth, income, and value opportunities.
  • Find out how to uncover the very best ETFs in every asset class, including what to look for when identifying alternative investment ETFs that are best suited for your portfolio.
  • Discover which of the smart beta approaches (if any) is right for you, and how you should implement them in your overall investing plan.
  • Learn how to select and allocate funds as part of a broader strategy and how to protect your portfolio during market sell-offs.