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Join hundreds of the world’s best analysts and stock pickers and identify the most promising opportunities in the markets today, as well as examine the catalysts that could propel the market and top-performing stocks higher. You’ll learn the best strategies for stock picking, capital preservation, and asset allocation from the best minds in the industry.

Our speakers are financial industry experts who enjoy educating and empowering passionate investors and traders like you. Learn about the essential catalysts driving today’s global economy and markets, gain invaluable insights, and create a plan to profit alongside top industry professionals whose ideas and strategies may forever change the way you approach the markets and your portfolio!

Speaker Application

FUTURES Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein

The Jake Bernstein Online Weekly Capital Markets Report and Analysis


STRATEGIES John Bollinger

John Bollinger

Bollinger Capital Management

President and Founder

STRATEGIES Steve Chappell

Steve Chappell

VectorVest, Inc.

Director, Trading Systems

BONDS Marilyn Cohen

Marilyn Cohen

Envision Capital Mgmt., Inc.

President and CEO

OPTIONS Bart DiLiddo

Bart DiLiddo

VectorVest, Inc.

Founder and Chairman


Carley Garner

DeCarley Trading, LLC

Senior Strategist and Broker

TECHNOLOGY George Gilder

George Gilder

Gilder Publishing, LLC

Founder and President


Bob Lang

Explosive Options

Founder and Chief Analyst

STOCKS Matt McCall

Matt McCall

Penn Financial Group

Founder and President

ETFs Michael McNiven

Michael McNiven

Cumberland Advisors

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager


Gene Munster

Loup Ventures

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

STRATEGIES Raymond Rondeau

Raymond Rondeau

(AAII) Computerized Investing

Technical Analyst and Contributing Editor

STOCKS Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Investor's Business Daily

Host, Market Wrap

OPTIONS Suzie Smith

Suzie Smith

Strategic Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Manager

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